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Honor your caregiver

UTHealth Houston providers practice what they teach: Compassionate, leading-edge care that creates better outcomes and healthier lives. Through our affiliated clinical practices, including UT Physicians and UT Dentists, more than 2,000 UTHealth Houston providers serve 1.9 million patients across 100-plus locations each year.

Our Honor Your Caregiver program provides an avenue for you to acknowledge a wonderful caregiver—a nurse, physician, dentist, or multitude of staff—who stood by you during your health care journey. Your gift to support UTHealth Houston in the name of your caregiver will help train the next generation who will care for our communities for years to come.

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Focus areas

You may choose to make a gift to an area that is meaningful to you or pick from one of our focus areas. Your donation will combine with the collective generosity of others to make a powerful impact. Wherever you decide to give, there is no better way to recognize an exceptional caregiver than through our Honor Your Caregiver program.

  • Supporting the health of older adults

    UTHealth Houston Institute on Aging harnesses the combined expertise of the university’s schools to deliver innovative age-appropriate care, education, research, and community outreach. This holistic approach helps fill the increasing need for trained geriatric specialists and ensures that advances in technology and care continue to benefit us throughout our lifespan.

    Research sets the foundation for every life-changing advancement in health care, and your generosity can provide critical resources to pursue innovations that directly impact our nation’s ability to deliver age-appropriate care at every stage of life.

  • Advancing care of rheumatological diseases

    Rheumatologic diseases—such as arthritis, lupus, and osteoarthritis—are a diverse group of conditions that primarily affect the joints, connective tissues, and musculoskeletal system. These disorders can cause inflammation, pain, stiffness, and impaired mobility.

    When you are able to do the things you love despite a rheumatologic diagnosis, life changes profoundly for the better. Our experts at UT Physicians—the clinical practice of McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston—serve on faculty at the school’s Division of Rheumatology. They work diligently to discover the molecular roots of rheumatic disease, develop therapies that improve quality of life, and pass their knowledge and experience to medical students.

    Your support can strengthen the research and education that forms the foundation of rheumatology care.

  • Improving heart and vascular health

    Keeping your heart and vascular system healthy can shape the course of your life in powerful ways. Our doctors at UT Physicians—the clinical practice of McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston—provide the care that helps keep your heart beating strong. They serve on the school’s faculty within the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and educate future cardiovascular specialists, who will serve patients while pursuing research that will continue to enhance care for the heart and vascular system.

    Your support can help train future cardiologists and surgeons in the latest procedures or advance research to develop new treatments.

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Share your gratitude

If you have been impacted by a caregiver’s act of compassion—whether they made you smile, eased your worries, or delivered life-changing care—consider writing a quick note of gratitude. Your note will be shared directly with the person who impacted your life.

Connect with us

Contact the Office of Development with questions or to explore how you can make a meaningful impact to improve health in our communities.

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